Easy Electrochemical “EEL” flow cell

Jackfish SEC, a leading innovator in infrared spectroelectrochemical cells, is proud to announce the launch of its newest product: the Easy Electrochemistry “EEL” Flow Cell. This is the first commercial infrared spectroelectrochemical cell to enable researchers to monitor systems under flow.

Exploded view of the EEL flow cell in its standard configuration.

What sets the EEL Flow Cell apart is its ability to use thin metal films to enhance infrared signals for molecules in the vicinity of the metal film. This makes it an ideal tool for a range of research applications, including surface redox reactions, catalyst evaluation, fuel half-cell research, and various adsorption phenomena. In addition to the dynamic studies that a flow cell enables, the small volume of the EEL cell is advantageous for static experiments where its flow capabilities enable rapid and efficient changing of solutions, reducing experimental time.

Combining spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and pumped flow, the EEL flow cell is a highly versatile research tool that enables scientists to more easily investigate complex phenomena at the molecular level. The EEL spectroelectrochemical flow cell boasts several key features, including:

  • Robust seal design for long-lasting performance
  • Small internal volume (<3 mL) for economical use of expensive electrolytes
  • Compatibility with either microgrooved silicon ATR wafers or face-angled crystals
  • Chemically-robust construction for ease of cleaning

For further information or inquiries, please contact info@jackfishsec.com.

EEL Flow Cell installed on a VeeMAX III from PIKE Technologies.